Two months after returning from windy Iceland and we’ve just launched our 2016 calendars and diaries on our BRAND NEW website.  We’re really excited about this product range as it’s our favourite so far and we’re really pleased with our new website. This is the culmination of the last year’s work.

We’re also in the process of organising our journey to Norway next March where we’ll be returning to the an area just below the Lofoten Isles in the Arctic.

Lots to look forward to!

Check out our new website to see our work.

Tina & Ceri


About Us
We design and sell our own very unique and stunning lunar and astrological calendars and diaries. We usually feature illustrations of sacred sites in the UK. For us, the experience of earth and sky together is the most important element of our work. It places the astrological and lunar information in context and makes it a more tangible and physical concept to us. Searching and finding different sacred sites gives us a quest, focus and inspiration that we can share via the Astrocal products and has taken us to the most stunning places, where we’ve had the most amazing experiences. 
For our 2015 products, we wanted something a bit different so have featured photographs of the Northern Lights taken on our amazing dog sledding journey around the Arctic – Northern Lights 2013.

Us on Litløy Fyr

Us on Litløy Fyr, Vesteralen, Northern Norway 2014